Black Knot Disease Gnarly Black Fungus typical on fruit trees

Black Knot can be eradicated from your fruit tree with the use of Black Knot Be Gone. See our pictures and videos of trees with improvements in 2-3 months.

The Black Knot disease embeds itself into the tree and through the bark after 2-3 months the black crumbles away in this case study.


  • Can you apply Black Knot without drilling holes? Won’t that hurt the tree? Do you have a
    customer service number?

    Paul Girard
  • Black knot Be Gone provides the best revolutionary products for the black knot fungus treatment. This can be applied to the trunk of the tree to promote the healing process of the tree and these are very much easy to apply without any kind of spray involved. For more details call 607-343-7781.
    Visit our website:

    Black Knot Be Gone
  • Are you okay?

  • I sent you an email with several questions, and no reply. Here are my Q’s:
    Found your info on Black Knot and your “all natural product”. We have a couple of plum trees with this black knot on it and had the tree pruned by an arborist who cleaned the tools also. But it’s back worse than ever. Couple of Q.s:
    1. For two trees how much do we need?
    2. One treatment or more?
    3. How deep do we drill the holes?
    4. If it doesn’t work do you refund?
    5. What about infected plums that have dropped into the bed below the trees? Use Copper or Neem Oil there?

    Carol E Komassa
  • I live in toronto canada. Where can i obtain this product from


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