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Black Knot Be Gone ™

Revolutionary new product to apply to trunk of tree to promote healing the whole tree, easy to apply, no spraying involved


How Black Knot Be Gone Product Works

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How Does Black Knot Be Gone™ Work ?

How this product promotes healing and protecting the Xylem layer in fruit trees, olive trees and grapevines.

Black Knot Be Gone, 99.9% pure from nature.


Black Knot disease in CT " the use of copper over the years does not help, the Black Knot Be Gone stopped the diseased leaves from curling up and falling off "

Cedar Rust disease in CT " Applied your product after the orange flower appeared on cedar tree by my apple trees, first year your product may have prevented the cedar rust from killing the leaves on my apple tree "

Chokecherry Tree Indiana " I think the black knot is starting to shrink and shrivel so I am pleased! Our tree is only about 12' tall, very young, with trunk size only about 3" diameter so it is just getting established "

Black Knot Disease Plum Tree Ohio  "Well we thought the tree was pretty bad but.... currently it looks great and the black knot is just now starting to get crumbly "

Tree B Before


Tree B 7-3-2018

10 days after application

Tree B location on end of limb

Black Knot peels off tree B on 8-23-2018

Black Knot Be Gone Effectiveness

Tree B on 8-23-2018 Black Knot breaks away